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History of Long Meadow Elementary

Long Meadow Elementary was originally constructed in 1967 on 11.41 acres of land from the Old Harry Lang Farm.  The site was purchased on July 25, 1965 from Mr. and Mrs. Terrance J. O'Connor for $35,941.50.  Long Meadow Elementary opened on November 13, 1967 as a two-unit school with a classroom staff of twenty and four hundred ninety-four students in grades kindergarten through sixth grade.  Mr. Fred C. Hugger was Long Meadow's first principal. After a Bond was passed in 2000, Long Meadow went through renovations and was rededicated in 2002. 

Many wonderful students, families, and staff have passed through Long Meadow's halls as proud Long Meadow Hares! In 1970 the familiar hare became our mascot.  The Conservation Club selected Elmer as the hare's name.  At the same time gold and royal blue became the school's colors.  Eventually yellow has become interchangeable with gold.  In 1988, Denys Cazet visited Long Meadow as a guest author for "Authors in April."  The hare associated with his autograph appealed to many.  Our PTA was granted permission to use his hare as our logo.